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Hello my poetic friends, this is Björn and today I want you to write a haibun about sport. Sport can be so many things, the things you hate to watch, or what you love. The excitement of winning or the depression of losing. It can be a game of football at the pub or watching […]

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the situation


millions and millions of money wasted

in providing basic need to the citizens

but do they even get a minuscule crumb

leaving the population practically dumb

the health is the most sick department

the sports ministry is effectively lame

the education dept can’t read the needs

women welfare section brings us shame

agriculture has become a barren field

the tourism is wandering elsewhere

water resources have already run dry

and the railways just don’t care

labour dept is no longer laborious

power ministry is too deep dark

no one really cares for the poor

the politicians have turned shark

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